General Terms:- We list and display websites in our gallery, either they are hand-picked or received through submission or received upon some requests. You should read and understand these general terms:-

  • We do not have any administrator or ownership role in the websites listed in our gallery, so any harms or benefits caused by these enlisted websites to people, are solely on their own. Harmful websites can be removed from our gallery based on proper evidence provided.

Submission Terms and Knowledge:- You should read and understand these submission rules before submitting your website to us:-

  • Website will not be listed or will be a subject to removal from the gallery if found
    • Selling / Providing Malicious, fictitious, and misleading information and products (Payment made for such websites will not be refundable too)
  • For a website submission, you must send the following:-
    • A Title
    • A Short Description
    • An Image Thumbnail having 1200px width and 600px height.
  • After website submission, if your website does not appear within 48-72hours in our gallery, you can send your website details with payment id to contact@websiteinspirationgallery.com

Refund Terms:- Refunds are not made for the payments made for website submission in any of the case except one:-

  • If the website does not appear up to 4th day after submission and its payment, then a full refund will be provided, and the website will be listed in our gallery for free.